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"We purchased the Coil Machine from John Montee and right from the start, he was so helpful, calming and knowledgeable. We didn't actively use the Machine due to different doctors telling us, "yes, Rifing is good, but later, down the road". So we waited, until one day, we realized we were at the end of the road. And once again, we talked with John and he was so helpful and reassuring. He's truly an amazing human being, who genuinely cares about people and it shows in the quality of his product."


With true gratitude to John,





"I can’t say enough about John Montee and his amazing coil machine. The machine has been wonderful for me, I am truly impressed. Having found John and his coil machine, my life began to get better. After it arrived in the mail I called John and he coached me through the entire set up process and initial operation too. John has since answered countless questions, satisfying all of my inquires with patience and professionalism. His knowledge and experience is extensive and he shares all that he knows in a way that is approachable and also generous. I wish I had discovered Coil Machines Northwest years ago, but I am so glad to have it now, and so happy with the results. I would give “Coil Machines Northwest" 5 stars!"






"It has been just over one year since I purchased my coil machine from John Montee at Coil Machines Northwest. John has been so helpful from our very 1st contact to the present. He was there in the initial setup of the machine and in the beginning stages of starting my rife therapy, and whenever I have had any questions at all, John has promptly returned my call whether by e-mail or phone, regardless of the time of day or evening. John takes a genuine interest in his customers. The information regarding treatment that he supplies with the machine is invaluable. I thank God every time I use my Rife machine, and I have passed the "word" to many friends and acquaintances about my Rife machine and the wonderful man who made it for me."





"I bought a Doug coil from you back in December and have had amazing results!!!! I went from using a walker to get around most days and having episodes of paralysis multiple times a week to now walking normal without my walker!!! I am only 30 and am now able to take care of my five year old much better! I am truly getting my life back and I am so thankful that God led me to this amazing machine. I am also thankful for you and your ability to build these and help people!"





"I purchased the Doug coil from Coil Machines Northwest a few months ago. I chose Coil Machines Northwest among others because I read a review praising Mr. John Montee about his knowledge and helpfulness, and I felt very comfortable to buy the machine from him after talking to him. John has been very kind, patient, honest, and helpful. He has promptly answered my questions in a professional manner even after my purchase. He has a good heart, and he is always generous with his time. Even though I am not a technical person and can't comment on the technical part of the machine, I can tell you that the machine arrived promptly and has worked perfectly ever since. I definitely will recommend John's coil machine to anyone in need of one."


Jo - 




"I am extremely happy that I purchased my coil machine over a year ago from Coil Machines Northwest. My experience has been nothing but positive."




"John was very helpful explaining how the machine works. The CD provided with the machine is essential for good information, the protocols are most helpful. The software is excellent and user friendly. After receiving the coil machine it was examined, the workmanship is very good, the soldering was good, there were no cold joints. Quality parts were used. And the machine was assembled in the USA. All I have to say here is all positive, nothing negative."





"I purchased a coil machine from Coil Machines Northwest approximately a year ago. I was very happy with the service I received. I knew very little about a coil machine and John promptly answered all my questions in a professional and helpful manner. He also gave me contacts for all the additional parts I would need to put together the machine. He made me comfortable in going ahead with my purchase. I received the coil machine quickly. There were easy to understand instructions inside. John also e-mailed helpful information. He always included his phone number with a note "to call with any questions." The machine was fairly easy to put together and we soon had it up and running. We have been using the coil machine for over a year. It has been working great. I would recommend anyone who is considering purchasing a coil machine to contact John. He is great to work with and the coil machine has been well worth the price!"





Kim's immune count is up to a 8 from a 2. She has a new position at work and is doing well despite a occasional headache. It's been a long time since I've seen her doing this well. She is taking vitamins as well. I know prayer and your machine has been a huge factor in her recovery.


Thanks always. 





"I bought my coil machine from Coil Machines Northwest in November of 2013 and I feel very lucky to not only have found a terrific machine, but also a wonderful, kind person who took the time to explain and walk me through the process of setting up the device and who was also willing to generously share his personal knowledge and experience with it. The coil machine arrived promptly and came with plenty of information. The best part was that even after the purchase John was available any time to answer questions that came up while using it. I am not a tech person, so I cannot really judge any technical details, but I have used it regularly now for over half a year and have never encountered a single problem. Thank you John for your help, patience, and expertise in this process which has been very much appreciated!"


New York