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Purchasing Your Doug Coil Machine:

You are given a three month 100% total refund warranty.

If you do not live in the US, please select your products and an invoice will be mailed to you. Or Call Us!


With your purchase of a coil machine, you will receive a nice looking, very well constructed, metal cabinet and a wire coil. The cost for the capacitor cabinet and the coil is $995.00 with free shipping in the continental US.


Also sent to you is a switch calculator, specific to your machine. The desired frequency is entered into the switch calculator program which then displays the toggle switches to flip up for that frequency. 


We will provide the information necessary for you to be able to purchase the two additional components using our discounts. The frequency generator sells for $179.55 and the amplifier for $838.34 plus tax, each with free shipping in the continental US. The frequency generator may be purchased from the authorized dealer and the amplifier may be purchased from the dealer through Coil Machines NW. Call us for assistance.


For the correct shipping address, etc., please fill out the form below Or, using this information, we can send you an invoice if you live outside the US.

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